Thursday, May 19, 2011

Never Give Up

What a wonderful blessing Gabe had in his life when he continued with his dream. He put everything behind him and was grateful for what he had. That attitude changed everything. He didnt just give up, even though he wanted to, but he endured and then the blessings came.
I find it very similar in my life, that i go through so many hard times and it gets tough to keep my motivation up. There are times where i am told what i am doing wrong and i feel even worse, and there are times where i just dont feel adequite enough for what i am doing.
In 1 Nephi of the Book of Mormon, Nephi goes through many tirals, and a lot is asked of him but he didnt give up, because he knew God loved him and would help and bless him. Nephi not only was betrayed by his own family, but he was asked to build a ship that he had never done before. When i think about anything like i cant even imagine doing anything like that. Thankfully Nephi had the help of his Heavenly Father and never quit. So we learn from the example of Gabe and Nephi, that times get hard, but we should never quit, because if we pray and ask for help we will recieve it and we will be blessed in a way that will be best for us. I know that if you push through your hard times there is a great reward whether great or small after that will come our way, also we will build a greater confidence in ourselves that is a blessing in of itself.
So if there is something you want to do and you arent sure you can do it, look at what the result will be in the end, and work for that blessing. 


  1. How true that is! It's like climbing a mountain the end view of what we achieve is most rewarding. Blessings are always in store when we do what is right.

  2. Elder Josh!

    Your words encourage me & uplift me too. We all must press forward to the high calling in Christ. Personally I always feel better when I keep going forward to achieve my goal. The end results are very rewarding.